At SBM Productions we believe that no matter what the size of  company; it is essential to consider the environment and do everything possible to reduce negative impact. We also regularly donate money to charities such as Sea Shepherd, 4Ocean, Greenpeace and Conservation International. Here are 10 ways we reduce our impact on the enviroment:

All of our admin and accounts is electronic. We never have the need to print anything onto paper. 


Our cables are coiled and tied using reusable velcro ties. Avoiding the use of PVC LX tape. 


If we have to use cable ties then we opt for resuable. Avoiding single use plastics. 


Our uniform is made from 100% organic cotton. Eliminating microplastic pollution. 


We use plastic free tape where possible. Please contact us if you've found an alternatice to PVC LX tape (We're reluctant to use it and are always looking).


We always supply cable ramp instead of gaffer tape. 


For jobs which only require an engineer we prefer to use public transport, reducing our carbon emissions. 


Our vehicles have low emission eco start engines. We are looking at electric vans for the future, when they have a further range. 


We always adhere to outside noise restrictions. 


We refuse single use plastic bottles and straws and always carry our own on site. 


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